Adrian Heizmann-Checa
is a native Washingtonian, with a BA from Tufts University in Boston, MA. Adrian struggled with his own alcoholism and addiction until March of 2004, when his family organized a successful intervention. Adrian accepted his family’s help, went to Father Martin's Ashley for primary treatment and then to EADP for outpatient treatment. From then until now, Adrian continues to live and grow as a person in long-term recovery.

Adrian’s experiences of awareness and love of helping others since 2004, and recently helping his father in 2013, inspire him to help alcoholics and addicts and their families on their path to healing and recovery with respect and love.

The value Adrian adds is implicit, having personal experience both as the alcoholic addict accepting help and as the concerned family member offering to help through intervention and treatment programs.  With help, we can grow, heal, and recover today!