Recovery Guides
Recovery Guides, Companions, and Coaching

Do you have a client or a friend or a family member who is going into or coming out of an Alcohol, Drug Detox, Rehab or Addiction treatment center?

Are you worried that they may relapse on their own and could use a dedicated recovery support person in place?

We are Recovery Guides and we can help you to successfully navigate through the triggers and potential risks of relapse during travel and/or the first few days or week before treatment, post-treatment, aftercare, early recovery from addiction, and participation in 12 step programs and support groups.

Recovery Guides are professional, respectful, reliable, men and women in long-term recovery who will engage and empower you, your client, friend, or family member to make decisions to support your efforts towards maintaining and growing your new life in recovery.

As your sober escort and/or recovery companion we will pick you up where you are and travel and/or stay with you to help you successfully plug into the next phase of your recovery program.

For an alcoholic and addict, traveling to a treatment center and especially the first days and weeks after leaving a treatment program can be daunting and overwhelming, and many alcoholics and addicts left on their own will easily relapse.

After all the time and money spent on treatment programs, it is an unnecessary risk and gap in continuing care and support, to expect a newly sober alcoholic or addict to successfully manage the seemingly simple details of their new lives as they travel home, then set out to find and follow through with their aftercare plans and 12 step programs and support groups.

Why not add an extra layer of protection, support, and supervision by hiring someone who has been through it themselves?

Recovery Guides are personal, private, professional, and understanding specialists who can help to minimize risks and triggers of relapse, motivate the person in early recovery, or dry periods, to acknowledge their presenting issues and participate in the solutions, and increase rates of real recovery and growth.

Call us today and let us help you, your loved one, client or friend.